[Chapter I] Playing Around with The Celestial King

Chapter I – Red, The Mortal Demon

The Mortal Demon – is what they call me.

Quite exaggerated, in my opinion. I merely caused someone to die in the Earth lands in my last previous life. CAUSED, not like I was the one who killed.

And now I’m to endure a hundred of years in Hell as punishment. Good grief.

Being a Mortal Demon sounds like a fun job, however it’s highly unreasonable for me to have such reputation. A proper and sophisticated young lady like me shouldn’t have that kind of fate.

Too bad I’m bound to have that kind of fate.

All thanks to the hateful Celestial King. He, the most powerful one and king of all gods, did not only accuse me of being the one at fault and sent me to Hell to suffer for a very long time, he also took away my right to be reincarnated.

The next time I see him I’d throw him the most aggravating insults, like how he’s a vegetarian. It’s the only way I could hurt him.

My head was wild on retaliating the Celestial King as the two rather good-looking Death Gods, who were escorting me, dragged me along the path leading to the ebony gates of Hell. I could feel the radiant heat from the blazing mountains up ahead that made the skies turn into the color of blood. For some reason, my back tingled. It felt like I was coming home after a very long time.

A terribly unpleasant stench suddenly hit my nostrils. I let out an displeased groan as we continued walking into the god-awful place, at the same time I saw hideous-looking demons butchering souls afar. Body parts were all over the place while a bunch of smaller demons picked them up to nibble. The most horrifying part was that owners of the chopped bodies were still conscious, meaning they could still feel the pain from their scattered body parts. I could even hear the cries of suffering coming out from chopped heads from where I stood.

Hmm, must’ve been hurt.

I didn’t notice that we have arrived at some grand hall. Everything was fancy. At the center of the hall was a classy set of office furnishings and a fair-looking old demon. This demon stared at me with his deep amber eyes as the Death Gods pulled me to him.

“Welcome to the Reception Hall,” the demon greeted.

I didn’t greet back, felt that it was unnecessary. “Am I still in Hell? Can’t smell the terrible stench here.”

The demon smiled. He fondled on his long white beard and replied, “yes, you are still in Hell.”

I gave him a disappointed look and blew my bangs off my cheeks.

Huff, I thought the Celestial King realized that I’m not at fault and redirected the Death Gods to escort me to Heaven. Stupid guy. I remembered his annoying face after he passed the command to isolate me in Hell for a hundred years. If I had the power I could’ve strangled him until his head exploded.

I watched the demon put up an amused smile, as if he just read into my mind and found my relationship with the Celestial King quite funny.

Slowly, the Death Gods who were standing both on my sides slid away from me and faded from the scene.

“I will be taking care of you from here on,” the demon sat on his spotlessly clean desk. “Tell me. As far as you can remember, how many times have you died and ended up in Hell?”

I didn’t reply, instead I shot him a condescending glare and smirked. How dare he talk so comfortably to me?

The demon sighed as though he was ignoring my arrogance. He took out a very thick book and laid it on his desk, opening it he read aloud, “Red the Mortal Demon, it says here in your record that after your deaths you always went straight into Hell from Purgatory.”

The demon gave me a glance, he noticed that I had vibrant red eyes. With a nod, it seemed that he understood why I am called ‘Red’.

“You have a strange yet beautiful pair of eyes,” he uttered, closing the book gently. “You must be wondering why you were sent here.”

I raised a brow. I was always in Hell yet it was my first time seeing this place. I didn’t even know that it existed. “I am, indeed. I thought that this place wasn’t in Hell, making me expect that the Celestial King finally had mercy on my ill-fated existence and decided to let me stay in Heaven for once. But I guess not.”

The demon let out a hearty laugh, “it is not that easy to enter Heaven, child. If you want to go there you must have people on Earth lands praying for your ascension to Heaven. However in your case, they pray for you to never join them again in the mortal world nor to enter Heaven. That’s why the Celestial King forbade your reincarnation and you have no other place to go but here in Hell.”

“But I didn’t kill anyone in my last lifetime!” I pouted, crossing my arms at the same time.

“But you conspired with the killer,” the demon softly replied. “And the one that you have murdered happened to be the Celestial King’s big sister’s incarnation.”

My pout transformed into an angry frown, “blame my twisted fate.”

Very unfair, I’m still a mortal spirit and is unconscious of my actions in the Earth lands! When I am in the mortal world, I forget my life in the other world and pretty much everything. But when I die and become a spirit again, the memories from hundred thousands of years’ past lives comes back flooding into my brain like tsunami. If only I could remember that I’d be sent to Hell again if I kill then I could’ve stopped myself and made friends, even if I was only pretending to be good.

“Oh no, child,” the demon’s soft yet loud voice snapped me out of my thoughts. He slightly grinned, “I believe that you are very fortunate.”

“And I believe that you’re a demon in your own way,” I faked a laugh, then sighed. “Joking about a poor spirit’s fate.”

The demon laughed loudly, “I am not joking about how fortunate you are.”


I turned my back. I hate old people teasing me, makes me feel like I’m a kid. With a big, deep breath, I decided to get done with everything and just rot in Hell. I started walking towards the exit, ignoring the old demon. I didn’t notice a figure appear in the hall.

“Where do you think you’re going, troublemaker?”

The very pleasant manly voice echoed through the large space of the grand hall. It gave me the shivers. I wanted to dash out of the reception hall but I knew this guy wouldn’t let that happen, so I stood firmly and thought about the insults to throw him.

I turned back and scowled at the wickedly handsome Celestial King who was smiling. Yes he’s handsome but I find him annoying.

“It seems that the receptionist here did not tell you the reason why you’re here,” he glared at the old demon who knelt on his side.

“Spare my life, my king,” the demon replied with his soft, gentle voice. “The young lady would’ve left if I told her, so I entertained her with other things to talk about as I waited for you to arrive.”

Correct. I would’ve left as soon as I can if the demon told me I was called here only to be bullied by the Celestial King.

The Celestial King twitched his lips, satisfied by the demon’s answer, then switched the glare to me. He slowly strode towards to me and said, “I have a proposition.”

I crossed my arms and glared back. He’s the most powerful, the Celestial King, but I will not bow to him like everyone else, even if he send me a couple of lightning bolts. He has harrased me a lot in the past hundred thousand years ever since we met. Therefore I promised myself to never leave without punching him with an insult.

“What proposition?” I fearlessly stared at his dark night-colored eyes, “it’s probably another shamelessly unfair deal where I don’t have any choice but to say ‘I accept’, isn’t it?”

The tall and proud figure before me stared back. It wasn’t long enough until I broke my stare, his eyes was scheming something. Whenever his eyes were like that, he’s planning to harass me big-time. I must retreat! Forget about punching him with an insult!

However before I could excuse myself, his mouth opened, “a hundred years time in Hell. Aren’t you sick of being butchered?”

I was speechless. Wasn’t it him who gave the order for me to suffer in Hell for a hundred years when the normal punishment period is only ten years? And now he’s asking me if I’m sick of being slaughtered every single damn day? I guess one can never be shameful enough when he is the strongest and the most powerful.

“Ugh! Please just let me suffer in Hell in peace,” I told him, sighing heavily that my shoulders almost dropped on the floor.

The Celestial King let out an amused grin, he covered the lower part of his face with his slightly closed fist to look dignified. “Really? You wish to suffer peacefully then, too bad. I can help you out of here if you wanted to.”

I threw him a suspicious look, “I wanted to say ‘what do you mean’ but everything just smells so fishy that I’m saying this instead.”

The mighty king of gods slowly circled around me, he would go closer as he completed a round. “If you want to be out of here then there’s only one way,” he whispered on my ears.

He went too close that his breath reached my skin, he stopped behind me and gently held my hands. This surprised me. In the past he would never ever touch me, saying that I was filthy with all my sin and darkness.

I attempted to push him away but I lost all my strength when he kissed my neck. What the hell is he doing?! The color in my face disappeared as his hands travelled to my tummy area until it seemed that he was back-hugging me.

“This old demon wishes to be excused,” the demon who was kneeling all the time stood with a scoff and flew away.

“No! Don’t leave! Save me!” I yelled at the flying figure of the demon. Once he fully disappeared I heard the Celestial King laugh deviously on my ears. My heart almost exploded, I could say nothing.

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