Rurin [Chapter I]

Hello there! You’re reading the first chapter of Rurin. It’s a fantasy story written by deepseagirl ^^. Enjoy reading!



Tenhur Island, the land of the commoners, was as usual bustling and noisy, but the day was not like the other days. Everyone was getting ready to get off the island to hide from an undead who ascended from the Underworld, who was once one of them commoners.

She was a girl no older than eighteen, strolling around the island. She wore a striking smile as she greeted everyone she ran into. Her hair was blood red and her eyes bright red. By that, they called her Red.

Everyone despised her. If you see her smiling, it’s either because she’s in a good mood or plotting someone’s death.

“Good afternoon Mister Gadin,” all the color in old Gadin’s face flew away when he saw his neighbour’s troublesome young niece. The girl’s red lips curved into a mischievous smile as if she found something interesting to play with.

“Y-you! How…!” Gadin almost dropped his false teeth in surprise. He couldn’t believe the person approaching him was still alive like nothing happened.

“Calm down,” Red told him in her sweetest voice, though there was a tone of mockery, “you’re old. You don’t want yourself to get a heart attack, do you?”

The last time old Gadin saw the girl was about a year ago. He was old but he vividly remembered how everyone chased her and burned her alive right after they caught her head. Red’s scream as her skin seethed in the angry flame sounded like music to him, he thought that the world he lived in would be at peace at last. However, it seems that he was wrong.

She somehow found her way back to the world of the living.

“Go away you demon!” old Gadin spat. The moment he said that, Red’s smile faded. The air felt very heavy that he thought that he couldn’t breathe.

But then she smiled again, “what are you saying, Mister?”

Old Gadin took a few steps back, heading to his house, trembling, “you won’t kill me, will you?”

“Of course!” Red answered right away. She walked closer to her old neighbour and gently patted him on the back.

Gently, at first.

“What? Do-don’t touch me!” Gadindidn’t have enough energy to pull himself away from her. It was all sucked away right after his eyes caught her face.

“Sheesh, don’t be embarrassed,” Red told old Gadin who felt that the pats she were giving him were making him nauseous instead of the soothing feeling a pat should give.

Pat, pat, pat.

The last pat made him choke on his own heart. The next thing he remembered was the taste of it as he coughed it out along with a lot of blood and some of his breakfast.

“Heart attack! Hahahaha!” Red let out a hearty laugh as she watched Gadin collapse and fall on the ground covered in his own blood.

She didn’t notice a young man witnessing her lead old Gadin to his death.

“What is wrong with you?!” the young man yelled at the top of his lungs, silencing the girl from her laughing.

“Oh hi, young brother,” Red greeted the angry young man.

He was no other than her own brother Tipu, about a year younger than she was. He ran back to home as fast as possible when the teachers at school announced that Red was back, and told them to leave the island before it burn in her hands.

Red hopped playfully towards her younger brother, accidentally or purposely stepping on old Gadin’s fresh from the body heart, but paused when Tipu gave her a glare. It was the first time he showed disrespect to her.

“You killed uncle too, right?” he said, tears flowing out from his eyes, “you shot him on th-the head… he was our only family!”

Red tilted her head in confusion.

“I didn’t kill him, for God’s sake,” she sighed, shaking her head, “well, he shot himself after having a nice conversation with me. I don’t use guns, they’re too loud.”

Tipu felt his stomach turn and twist as he wept, “then are you going to kill me too?” he wiped his tears forcefully with the back of his hands, thinking that she isn’t his beloved sibling anymore. He knew how his sister was wronged and would want to destroy everyone but he could not fathom how she can kill someone with the beautiful face she always had.

Though she was his sister, he saw her as a goddess no matter what she did. Even now, the person who was responsible for their only family’s unjust death was still a goddess in his eyes. However, he can’t recognize her as his sister anymore.

Red’s eyes glistened in the warm spring sunlight while her younger brother’s widened eyes darkened, “Why would I kill you? You’re not even worth it.”

She went back to Gadin and picked up his crushed heart.

The moment the heart touched her fingers, a blinding light swallowed her hand in. When the light faded, a knife replaced the heart in her hand. It was an unusual knife, a red eye adorned its grip. One could hear it beating like a heart.

“Hmm, weak heart,” Red commented as she gazed at her weapon with a disappointed look on her face, and then shifted her eyes to Tipu, “can I use yours instead? Then killing you might be worth it.”

“What a-are you talking about?” Tipu felt his knees weaken. The color of his sister’s eyes horrified him.

“I thought Gadin’s heart was strong. He was very old yet he did not show any sign of dying,” she replied, throwing the knife somewhere on the ground as if it was trash, “I need a bigger knife. Do you have a strong heart whatsoever?”

Tipu clenched his fists and gathered every ounce of his courage, heading to where Red was standing, “if you take mine, would you refrain from killing everyone in this island?” he said.

Red smiled, “what made you think that I’m going to kill everyone?” Crossing her arms, she added, “my only target here was old Gadin.”

“Eh?” Tipu was taken aback by his sister’s statement, “the-then what about uncle?!”

“I told you I didn’t kill him,” Red replied, annoyance was visible on her face, “are you giving me your heart or not? I’ve got no much time here.”

“How are you able go back here?” Tipu grabbed his sister’s shoulders, looking at her eyes as if he didn’t feared it. He was more afraid that she might have closed a deal with the devil. He knew that Red had powers, but she cannot possibly bring her dead body from the Underworld back to Earth.

“Hey you’ve gotten taller!” Red shrugged Tipu’s hands off her shoulders, distracting him before laying a hand on his chest. Without letting any second pass, she pierced into his chest and pulled his heart out.

Blood splattered on Red’s white dress. Her younger brother could only watch her gratified smile, never in his life did he expected that his beloved sister would end it with words that flattered him. Because of that his heart felt happy enough that he didn’t even feel the pain of dying.”

When he opened his eyes he saw the same place when he had died, “Did I… die?” he wondered.

The angle of his face was strange, he thought. He felt strange too. He felt big, strong and sharp.

Looking around, he found a couple of dead body. One was Gadin’s and the other, his’. If he could jump back in surprise, he could, however he wasn’t able to move. It was only his eyes that he can move.

Meanwhile, Red was enthused over her new weapon. It was huge sword shaped like a knife. Just like the smaller knife, an eye adorned its grip. She kissed it and told it, “you won’t mind if I bring you to the Underworld with me, huh Tipu?”

– End of Chapter –



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 “Rurin” 2016 (c) deepseagirl


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